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Four Free Books From Word Bible Search

I just discovered this online Bible program, Word Bible Search. Today is the last day to get their four free books from Christmas for their platform.
Sermon Outlines for Busy Pastors: Christmas Sermons by Rob WestbrookLifeguide: Advent of the Savior by Cindy BunchChrist-Centered Exposition: Exalting Jesus in Luke by Thabiti AnyabwileThe Work of Jesus Christ as an Advocate for the Benefit of All by John Bunyan
You can get your copies HERE!

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Hard Cover Journal ESV New Testament (Giveaway)

Eric Schumacher is giving away an ESV Scripture Journal: New Testament Set valued at $140.

The ESV Scripture Journal: New Testament Set (Hardcover) includes nineteen durable hardcover journals that contain entire books of the New Testament with lightly lined blank pages alongside each page of Bible text.
Enter HERE

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C.S. Lewis - A Profile in Faith (Free)

The C. S. Lewis Institute is giving away a book on the faith of C. S. Lewis from various authors for free.  Here are some of the chapters:Dr. Lyle W. Dorsett - Billy Graham Chair of Evangelism at Beeson Divinity School Dr. James M. Houston - Founder of Regent College, Co-founder of C.S. Lewis Institute
Dr. Art Lindsley - Vice President of Theological Initiatives at Institute for Faith, Work and Economics
Marjorie Lamp Mead - Associate Director of the Wade Center at Wheaton College
The late Dr. Christopher W. Mitchell - Professor of Christian Thought, Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University
Dr. Earl F. Palmer - Founder of Earl Palmer Ministries
Dr. Philip G. Ryken - President of Wheaton College

Get Your Copy HERE!
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Why Sex is the Best Argument for Christianity by Thomas Purifoy Jr. (Free)

Genesis is History is offering 10 of the most popular articles " one convenient ebook. Learn more about the importance of Genesis today, 6 reasons Christians should embrace 6-day creation, why time matters to the origins debate, and much more."

Regardless of your view of the earth, this might be a thought-provoking series.

Get your copy
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10 Things to Consider at the Start of a New Year of Ministry

Harriet Tubman (1822–1913) knew God’s leading. She once said, “’Twant me, ’twas the Lord. I always told him, ‘I trust you. I don’t know where to go or what to do, but I expect you to lead me,’ and he always did.” She was a bold and audacious African-American abolitionist in the middle 1800s. She tackled injustice and made a difference that reverberated in history. How did she find her freedom from slavery, free hundreds of slaves and become a nurse and a spy and scout in the Civil War? She followed the Lord. What could happen this new year if we followed the Lord like Harriet Tubman? The psalmist wrote, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Psalm 119:105). In what ways might God’s word lead us this year? Here are 10 things the Lord might have you consider as you approach 2020. 1. Celebrate victories Celebrate what God has done over the past year. Maybe you saw people repent of sin, come to Christ or get baptized. Perhaps you planted a church, raised new leaders and…

The Donkey Who Carried a King by R. C. Sproul (Free)

Veritas with Ligonier is giving away free eBook copies of The Donkey Who Carried a King by R. C. Sproul. It is a wonderful children's book. 
From the publisher:The biblical teaching that Jesus was the Suffering Servant who carried the sins of His people when He went to the cross is vividly brought home to children in The Donkey Who Carried a King, the latest children’s book from respected theologian, author, and educator Dr. R.C. Sproul.

Davey was a young donkey who was bored and unhappy because he was never given anything to do. Then one day, some strangers came to the gate―and Davey’s master picked him for a very special task. Davey carried the King, Jesus, into Jerusalem. A few days later, Davey saw some angry people making the King carry a heavy beam of wood. Davey could not understand it―until another donkey helped him see that the King was being a Servant on behalf of His people.

The Donkey Who Carried a King offers a unique perspective on the events of Jesus’ Passion Week and…

A Parent's Guide to New Year Resolutions (Free)

A parent's guide to New Year Resolutions is free for a limited time from David C. Cook Publishing.
From the publisher:Only a small percentage of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions! So why should we even try?

This guide makes a case for using resolutions to your teach teen about much more than success.

Parent Guides are your one-stop shop for biblical guidance on teen culture, trends, and struggles. In 15 pages or fewer, each guide tackles issues your teens are facing right now—things like doubts, the latest apps and video games, mental health, technological pitfalls, and more. Using Scripture as their backbone, these Parent Guides offer compassionate insight to teens’ world, thoughts, and feelings, as well as discussion questions and practical advice for impactful discipleship. 

Get your copy HERE!

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The Christian Podcast Community Resource (Giveaway)

The Christian Podcast Community is giving away $1000.00 worth of books, DVDs, CDs, and flash drives.

Enter HERE!

Below is a list of what is included:

BooksMacArthur Study Bible (ESV) Personal SizeWhat Do We Believe? by Andrew RappaportWhat Do They Believe? by Andrew RappaportOn the Origin of Kinds by Anthony Silvestro Jr.A Little Book on the Christian by John CalvinOne Faithful Life by John MacArthurAshamed of the Gospel by John MacArthurThe Gospel According to Paul by John MacArthurThe Believer’s Walk with Christ by John MacArthurThe Inerrant Word by John MacArthurOne Foundation, Essays on the Sufficiency of ScriptureParables by John MacArthurNone Other by John MacArthur Final Word by John MacArthur John MacArthur by Ian MurrayBefore the Throne by Allen S. Nelson IVAmillennialism and the Age to Come by Matt WaymeyerTactics by Greg KouklDo Not Hinder Them by Justin PetersFaith for Weak People by Ray ComfortGod Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life by Ray ComfortOne Heartbeat Away by Mark …

Puritan Deluxe Edition (Giveaway)

Reformation Heritage Books and the Reformed Society are giving away their Puritan Deluxe Edition valued at $100.  Enter HERE! Subscribe to my Monthly Newsletter!
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Growing in Holiness: Understanding God's Role and Yours by R. C. Sproul (Giveaway)

Goodreads is giving away 25 copies of Growing in Holiness: Understanding God's Role and Yours by R.C. Sproul.
From the publisher: The Christian life is a process of growing in holiness, our natural response to the good news of our redemption in Christ. This kind of growth is gradual, and obstacles are plentiful. Thankfully, we don't have to go it alone. God has given us his Spirit so that we can overcome temptation and become more and more conformed to the image of Christ. But how does the Spirit work? What is the nature of our own personal involvement in the process? And how do we know if we are making progress?

Drawn from the lectures of beloved theologian R. C. Sproul, Growing in Holiness explores the doctrine of sanctification, offering insightful commentary on themes such as developing perseverance, overcoming barriers to growth, dealing with feelings of inadequacy, cultivating love for God and others, exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit, and much more. Whether you're …

Baker Contemporary Preaching Collection (19 vols.) ($279 Value GIVEAWAY)

Logos is giving away: Baker Contemporary Preaching Collection (19 vols.) a $279 value! ENTER HERE! Subscribe to my Monthly Newsletter!
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The Price of Peace: Money, Democracy, and the Life of John Maynard Keynes by Zachary D. Carter (Giveaway)

Goodreads is giving away 25 copies of  The Price of Peace: Money, Democracy, and the Life of John Maynard Keynes by Zachary D. Carter From the publisher:In this riveting biography, veteran journalist Zachary D. Carter unearths the lost legacy of one of history's most important minds. John Maynard Keynes's vibrant, deeply human vision of democracy, art, and the good life has been obscured by technical debates, but in The Price of Peace, Carter revives a forgotten set of ideas with the power to reinvent national government and reframe the principles of international diplomacy in our own time. ENTER HERE! Subscribe to my Monthly Newsletter!
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In the Cauldron by Lew Paper (Giveaway)

Enter to win your chance the book In the Cauldron: Terror, Tension, and the American Ambassador's Struggle to Avoid Pearl Harbor by Lew Paper.

From the publisher:This is not just another book about Pearl Harbor.  It is the story of Joseph Grew, America’s ambassador to Japan, and his frantic effort in the months before the Pearl Harbor attack to orchestrate an agreement between Japan and the United States to avoid the war he saw coming. It is a story filled with hope and heartache, with complex and fascinating characters, and with a drama befitting the momentous decisions at stake.

And more than that, it is a story that has never been told.

In those months before the Pearl Harbor attack, Japan and the United States were locked in a battle of wills. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's economic sanctions were crippling Japan.  America's noose was tightening around Japan's neck — but the country's leaders refused to yield to American demands. 

In this cauldron of boiling te…

December Freebie Roundup


My Top 10 Books of 2019

Every year I keep track of what I read and offer my list of top reads to my friends and family. There are so many books out there and so little time. Why not read what is recommended?

Here is my list in descending order and a little bit about the books.

The Pleasures of God: Meditations on God's Delight in Being God by John Piper. I found this to be a very readable and thought-provoking book by Piper. World Magazine rated it as one of the 20th Century’s top 100 books. J. I. Packer wrote, “This is a unique and precious book that everybody should read more than once.”

Becoming Dallas Willard: The Formation of a Philosopher, Teacher, and Christ Follower by Gary W. Moon. This book introduces you to a wonderful brother, author, philosopher, and Christian thinker. It was an ECPA 2019 Christian Book Award Finalist as well as 2018 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award Finalists.

All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel by Anthony Doerr. This was an emotionally gripping look at Worl…