Christian Marriage: A Comprehensive Introduction by David Ayers (giveaway)

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From the publisher:

"There is a lot of confusion about the purpose of marriage today: outside the church as well as within it. Written by a distinguished Christian sociologist, Christian Marriage is a theologically rich, biblically robust, and sociologically informed treatise on the nature and value of marriage. Drawing on recent social science research, empirical data, and social history, Ayers paints a picture of marriage as an institution meant for human flourishing.

  • Along the way, Ayers addresses such topics as:
  • Dating and selection of a spouse
  • The importance of premarital counseling
  • Sex and procreation
  • Mentoring and supporting unmarried believers
  • Divorce and remarriage

Current controversies surrounding premarital sex and same-sex marriage
Though the book is academically and theologically informed, it is written with a pastoral heart. It seeks to provide a rich resource for pastors and counselors on a topic of supreme importance to a vibrant church and society."


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