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Justification by Faith by John Calvin (Giveaway)

Dustin Benge is giving away Justification By Faith by John Calvin in honor of Reformation Day.

From Amazon,

"The battle of the Protestant Reformation was waged over this primary question: How does a sinful person get right with a just God? At the heart of it, the Reformers contended that sinners are justified (declared righteous) by God through faith alone in Jesus Christ. While Martin Luther is often credited with re-discovering the doctrine of justification, it was Calvin who more fully explored the depths of this doctrine, giving it a thorough treatment in his magisterial work, Institutes of the Christian Religion. In this volume, Nate Pickowicz has selected out and edited Calvin’s treatment on justification—the marrow of Reformation doctrine."
I'm giving away a few books today to celebrate Reformation Day. The first book is by my good friend, @NatePickowicz, who has selected and edited John Calvin’s treatment on justification by faith. Like or retweet this post to be…

William Tyndale, Martin Luther, John Calvin by Dr. Steven Lawson (Giveaway)

Dustin Benge is hosting a giveaway for three books by Dr. Stephen Lawson in honor of Reformation Day! Biographies of William Tyndale, Martin Luther, and John Calvin.

Enter Below!  The third book giveaway in celebration of Reformation Day is actually 3 books! Three great biographical accounts of Martin Luther, John Calvin, and William Tyndale by my friend, @DrStevenJLawson. Enter to win by retweeting. — Dustin Benge (@DustinBenge) October 31, 2019

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The Unquenchable Flame by Michael Reeves (Giveaway)

Dustin Benge is giving another great resource away The Unquenchable Flame: Discovering the Heart of the Reformation:  The second book giveaway in celebration of Reformation Day is one of my favorites! "The Unquenchable Flame" by my friend, @Mike_Reeves. This book brings to life the movement’s most colorful characters. Like or retweet this post to be entered to win! — Dustin Benge (@DustinBenge) October 31, 2019

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Prayer that Turns the World Upside Down by Al Mohler (Giveaway)

SBTS is giving away 95 copies of Al Mohler's book The Prayer That Turns the World Upside Down: The Lord's Prayer as a Manifesto for Revolution.

From Amazon"The opening words of the Lord’s Prayer have become so familiar that we often speak them without a thought, sometimes without any awareness that we are speaking at all. But to the disciples who first heard these words from Jesus, the prayer was a thunderbolt, a radical new way to pray that changed them and the course of history.
Far from a safe series of comforting words, the Lord’s Prayer makes extraordinary claims, topples every earthly power, and announces God’s reign over all things in heaven and on earth. In this groundbreaking new book, R. Albert Mohler Jr. recaptures the urgency and transformational nature of the prayer, revealing once again its remarkable, world-upending power. Step by step, phrase by phrase, The Prayer That Turns the World Upside Down explains what these words mean and how we are to pray them.

The Gospel According to Satan: Eight Lies About God That Sound Like Truth by Jared Wilson (Giveaway)

Win 1 of 10 advanced copies of The Gospel According to Satan: Eight Lies about God that Sound Like the Truth by Jared Wilson.

From Amazon, "Not every lie sounds untrue. Some just sound right. And some are repeated so often that they virtually become "common knowledge." This is what makes lies about God so dangerous. So we have to ask, what might God's enemy want us to believe to lead us astray? And would we even see it happening?

Award-winning writer and pastor Jared C. Wilson brings us this compelling and enlightening exploration of the popular and oftentimes pleasing ways spiritual darkness masquerades as light. With sharp insight, warm humor, and a shepherd's heart, Jared Wilson examines eight lines popular with too many Christians--eight lies the enemy wants us to believe--and provides eight lines of counterattack to help us regain our footing. Wilson names the lies-- including "God Just Wants You to Be Happy," "You Only Live Once," and &…

Reformation Giveaway TODAY

"The Reformed Society is teaming up with IVPress Academic and Christian Standard Bible to bring to you an exclusive Reformation Celebration Giveaway! 🎉

One blessed winner will be receiving a copy of "Doing Theology with the Reformers" from IVPress Academic as well as an "Ancient Faith Study Bible" from Christian Standard Bible in Crimson Leathertouch Over Board."

Nearly $100 VALUE

Ends Today

Click HERE 
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Free: Luther, the Life and Legacy of the German Reformer (Video)

For a limited-time Ligonier Ministries is giving away access to their new documentary on Martin Luther, Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer

"More than five hundred years ago, Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg. Little did he know how the Lord would use him to ignite a movement that would change the world. Celebrate Reformation Week by remembering the events God used in Luther’s life that led him to rediscover the gospel of justification by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone."

Ligonier had another couple of resources they were giving away earlier this month. Find them
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The Pastor and Counseling by Deepak Reju and Jeremy Pierre (FREE)

Crossway is giving away The Pastor and Counseling: The Basics of Shepherding Members in Need (9Marks) by Deepak Reju and Jeremy Pierre for filling out a survey.

"Pastors spend much of their time counseling people in crisis. Too often, however, pastors feel unprepared to effectively shepherd their people through difficult circumstances such as depression, adultery, eating disorders, and suicidal thinking.

Written to help pastors and church leaders understand the basics of biblical counseling, this step-by-step guide provides an overview of the counseling process from the initial meeting to the final session. It also includes suggestions for cultivating a culture of discipleship within a church and four appendixes featuring a quick checklist, tips for taking notes, and more."

Fill out the survey on the link below to download a free digital copy of The Pastor and Counseling!

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Win How to Understand the Old Testament by Jason DeRouchie (Giveaway)

GIVEAWAY: To coincide with our latest podcast episode, our friends @prpbooks have donated 3 copies of How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament by Jason DeRouchie. We'll choose 3 winners who each will receive a SIGNED copy of the book!

Follow and RT to enter. — Center for Biblical Studies (@CBSMBTS) October 28, 2019
Amazon describes the book,
"This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to observe carefully, understand accurately, evaluate fairly, feel appropriately, act rightly, and express faithfully God's revealed Word, especially as embodied in the Old Testament.

Follow an extensively field-tested twelve-step process to deepen understanding and shape theology (biblical, systematic, and practical).Engage with numerous illustrations from Scripture that model these interpretive steps.Learn how to track an author's thought-flow, grasp the text's message, and apply the ancient Word in this modern world, all in light of Christ's …

The Legacy of Luther (Free eBook)

Reformation Trust is giving away two great resources in the next few days for free!

"Martin Luther is one of the most significant figures in church history. The movement that started after his posting of the Ninety-Five Theses led to the recovery of the gospel. How did this happen? How did God use a monk with an uneasy conscience to set the world ablaze?

This month, we want to give you two free Reformation resources that can help you get to know Luther’s life, teaching, and enduring influence. Request your digital download of R.C. Sproul’s video teaching series Luther and the Reformation plus the ebook The Legacy of Luther, edited by R.C. Sproul and Stephen Nichols. Discover what led Martin Luther to make a courageous stand for the gospel in the sixteenth century, and be encouraged to stand for the truth of God’s Word today."

Get both resources for a limited time FREE!HERE!

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Moving Forward by Faith Acts 20 (Sermon)

Moving Forward by Faith October 27
WELCOME Hi, I am pastor Rob, and it is great to worship with you.
CROSS COUNTRY In High School, I was an evangelist. I shared two things I loved to different degrees: my faith, and my love for cross country running. I was not as successful at bringing people to the Lord as I was to practice. I got almost everyone to sign up for cross-country. All my friends ran. It was so fun. Most of us weren’t fast. Some people are not made to run. One of my friends, I will call him Bob, was one of those. He was smart and still is one of the most intelligent people I know. One race, he was in the back. He was working so hard. If I remember correctly, everyone was cutting a portion of the route out. They were missing the course. I had my map in hand and was cheering him on and getting more and more excited as he ran. He had studied the map before the race. He knew his way, and as slow as he was, he was the only one to follow the course correctly. It was the litera…

The Faith of Queen Elizabeth: The Poise, Grace, and Quiet Strength Behind the Crown (Giveaway)

Zondervan Publishing is giving away 100 advanced copies of
The Faith of Queen Elizabeth: The Poise, Grace, and Quiet Strength Behind the Crown by Dudley Delffs. The drawing will close on November 3rd.

"The Faith of Queen Elizabeth offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Her Majesty’s Christian faith. Drawing on historical archives, royal biographies, and accounts of interactions with historic figures such as Winston Churchill, Billy Graham, Mother Teresa, and Margaret Thatcher, award-winning author Dudley Delffs uses them as brushstrokes to create a stunning portrait of Queen Elizabeth unlike any other. As entertaining as The Crown and as refreshing as a cup of tea, this book gives a greater understanding and a deeper appreciation of the spiritual legacy of the world’s most famous woman"

You can win one of 100 copies HERE!

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Win $500 for Your Pastor!

GIVEAWAY: At MBTS, we are #forthechurch, which means we are for pastors.

To celebrate #PastorAppreciationMonth, we’re giving away a $500 Gift Card to a pastor for books & resources.

To give your pastor a chance to win, tag him below and tell us why you appreciate him! — Midwestern Seminary (@MBTS) October 25, 2019

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Win a the Book: Mararet Thatcher by Charles Moore

Win your copy of the book Margaret Thatcher: Herself Alone: The Authorized Biography by Charles Moore. They are giving away ten copies. HERE! 

Amazon describes the book this way, "Charles Moore's masterful and definitive biography of Britain's first female prime minister reaches its climax with the story of her zenith and her fall.

How did Margaret Thatcher change and divide Britain? How did her model of combative female leadership help shape the way we live now? How did the woman who won the Cold War and three general elections in succession find herself pushed out by her own MPs?

Charles Moore's full account, based on unique access to Margaret Thatcher herself, her papers, and her closest associates, tells the story of her last period in office, her combative retirement, and the controversy that surrounded her even in death. It includes the fall of the Berlin Wall, which she had fought for, and the rise of the modern EU that she feared. It lays bare her growing quarr…

My Heart Cries Out by Paul David Tripp (Giveaway)

Tim Challies and Crossway are giving away My Heart Cries Out: Gospel Meditations for Everyday Life by Paul David Tripp in the next day. Get your chance to winHERE!

From Amazon, "My hope is that this volume will help you to see the Savior more clearly, to understand his grace more deeply, to confess your struggle more honestly, to worship him more fully, and to find in these meditations the motivation to continue to follow the Savior even when he’s leading you into unexpected and hard places.” ―Paul David Tripp

Best-selling author Paul David Tripp invites you into his personal reflections on his experience of God’s ever-present grace through the ups and downs of his life. He shares his celebrations, disappointments, cries for help, confessions, and confusions in the form of 120 meditations that were written over many years through various joys and struggles.

Vulnerable yet pastoral and wise, these meditations in the form of verse showcase how God’s amazing grace intersects with t…

Hail, Happy Saint a Poem by Philis Wheatly Concerning the Death of George Whitefield

On September 30th, 1770, six years before the authors of the Declaration of Independence would proclaim the liberty to all people the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness George Whitefield died. This 17-year-old slave girl penned the most extraordinary eulogy to the luminaire and reknown evangelist of the First Great Awakening, George Whitefield. Philis would be one of the first women to publish in America and the first African American woman.

I love the lines, 
He charg'd its youth to let the grace divine Arise, and in their future actions shine; He offer'd THAT he did himself receive, A greater gift not GOD himself can give: He urg'd the need of HIM to every one; It was no less than GOD's co-equal SON! Take HIM ye wretched for your only good; Take HIM ye starving souls to be your food. Ye thirsty, come to his life giving stream: Ye Preachers, take him for your joyful theme: Take HIM, "my dear AMERICANS," he said, Be your complaints in his kind…