Now on Amazon!

After seeing that my book, Last Words: Seven Sayings from the Heart of Christ on the Cross, was on the New Growth Press website, I looked on Amazon. And sure enough, they have it there too!

You can pre-order now!

Here is what Dr. Steve Leston, president of To Every Tribe, has to say about the book:

“I truly enjoyed this fresh look into the last words of Jesus. The challenge that the author puts before us is to take a look at the 7 last sayings of Jesus, for when you do you will see what the Roman Soldier who stood at the foot of the cross saw: that ‘Surely, Jesus is the Son of God!’ In these last words of Jesus we see that hanging on that cross was not just a good man, but the God-man who died to pay the price that God demands for the sin and rebellion of humanity. This book is not just for Easter; it is for everyone to read, reread, and then read again to have your heart and your mind grounded in the awe of the cross. At the core of the Christian message, is the cross. For anyone who wants to know why we preach Christ and Him crucified read this book! You will never partake of the Lord's Table the same way again.”

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