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God's Amazing Grace: Acts 11

MANUSCRIPT WelcomeWelcome! I am pastor Rob, and it is a privilege to speak to you today.  Christmas I want to tell you something embarrassing. Don’t tell anyone. At times I was a brat growing up, and I am not proud of it. The primary reason I say that is because of one event about 25 years ago. I was in Junior High and reacted horribly to a gift. You know when you are hoping that you are going to get something, and it is like your aunt knit a giant pink onesie bunny pajama suit, like the one in Christmas Story? Have you ever had that experience? Maybe you had expectations for something, and it didn’t meet those expectations? I had. That picture was not me by the way. I don’t wear glasses. My gift was way better than a bunny costume, mind you. Here is an audio clip of what I got. You tell me what it was. (PLAY MP3) That is right. My brothers and I got the super, cool, hi-tech, 8-Bit Nintendo System with Super Mario Brothers, as a game. Who wouldn’t want that? That was great. However, I…

Seven Steps to Empowering People in their Giftedness (Article)

Did you ever watch Scooby-Doo? I did. I still remember the rerun of the 1972 episode with Jonathan Winters (1925-2013). Did you see that one? Jonathan Winters played himself as a guest on the cartoon show as well as Maude Frickert. Maude’s late husband had invented radioactive chicken feed that would increase the size of chickens to giant proportions. Maude hoped that they could improve their production of fried chicken to take over the market. Unfortunately, Mr. Frickert hid the secret recipe before he died and didn’t tell his wife where it was. Shady characters were snooping around the farm, and Maude needed help. The gang joins Jonathan Winters to save the day in this episode of Scooby-doo.

Are you hungry for radioactive fried chicken? Yummy. Sounds like a show from the ’70s, doesn’t it? The reason it came to mind was because of Jonathan Winters played more than one role. Not only was he Maude’s voice, but he also pretended to be the National Guard. As gifted as he was, he couldn’t …