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Wings and Sky (review) by Martha Snell Nicholson

The book Wings and Sky by Martha Snell Nicholson (1888-1957) is 107 pages long. Originally published in 1938, the copy I read had three editions. My edition was printed in 1946. This book of poetry has a preface by Martha's husband Howard and a foreword by Louis S. Bauman (1875-1950) a Brethren minister and author. Page 80 begins a section called Songs of Home. These poems tend to deal with home life. The book concludes with an index. 
Howard Wren writes, 
This little volume of verse was lived before it was written. Each peom is the product of years of suffering, of searhcing for the meaning and purpose of life, of paiteint waiting for the fulfilment of dreams, of seeking-andfidning, God!  Never strong as a child, in early young womanhood, the author suffered a complete breakdown. I may not speak as I would like of the conflicts of those days, though no one knows them so well as I, her husband. She was in bed most of the time for seven years, years of endless waiting, of cruel disa…

I Shall Be Like Him (Poem by Martha Snell Nicholson)

I Shall Be Like Him by Martha Snell NicholsonWhat can it mean, to be like Him? 
I, to be like my dear Lord?
I could not believe it, had I not
The promise of His precious Word!

I, With my follies and failures,

I, with my weakness and sin, 
To be like the Lord in His beauty, 
Perfect without and within? 

O, I am weary with waiting, 

Sick of this old self of mine. 
Come quickly, Lord Jesus, come quickly, 
And give me a spirit like Thine! 

Side by Side by Ed Welch (Review)

Side by Side: Walking with Others in Wisdom and Love by Ed Welch. From Amazon, 
"Everyone needs help from time to time, especially in the midst of painful circumstances and difficult trials. In this short book, a highly respected biblical counselor and successful author offers practical guidance for all Christians―pastors and laypeople alike―who want to develop their “helping skills” when it comes to walking alongside hurting people. Written out of the conviction that friends are the best helpers, this accessible introduction to biblical counseling will equip believers to share their burdens with one another through gentle words of wisdom and kind acts of love. This book is written for those eager to see God use ordinary relationships and conversations between ordinary Christians to work extraordinary miracles in the lives of his people."

HERE is what others are saying: 
“There are two things that Welch’s book does very well. It demonstrates that no one gives grace better than …

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage by Jim Newheiser (Review)

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage: Critical Questions and Answers by Jim Newheiser. I have listened to hours of Jim's teaching. He is an excellent Bible teacher and counselor. This book tackles questions about what exactly constitutes divorce and remarriage. What is separation? What does the Bible say about marriages that the government says are illegal, and what does it say of marriages the governments that say are legitimate that are not? I appreciated the brief treatment and breadth of his treatment of the subjects.

One place that I found it to be lacking was his treatment of forgiveness. He seemed to equate trust and forgiveness. I would have loved for him to find more scriptural grounds for partial forgiveness. On page 251, he talks about full forgiveness. Is it okay to partially forgive? 

Jim says, 
If someone is not repentant (e.g., the guilty party continues to see the other man or woman), the innocent spouse is not obligated to fully forgive the person by taking him or her b…

Each One Reach One (1 Peter 3:8-17) 5 Keys's To Share Your Faith


WELCOME Welcome! QUESTION I have a question, “Do you know what month this is?” It is Mission Month. Jeff is at Converge sharing a message he shared here last week. I am sharing the message I shared there this week. The theme for mission month is Each One Reach One, Each One Raise One, Each One Start One, and Each One Send One. This series challenges us as a body to share our faith, raise up leaders, start churches, and send out missionaries. We are so excited about this focus on missions. Through the years our people have sensed the Holy Spirit lead them to step out in faith in radical ways.
In some cases, it was to give more than they ever had towards missions. In other cases, our people have felt called themselves to move and serve the Lord in distant lands or leave to help plant churches. Today, we adults heard from Frank and Cathy Grumbir about supporting missions. Next week you will hear from Jeff about his trip to Central Asia. Because of the sensitive nature of what he…