Review of the book "Help for the New Pastor" by Charles Malcolm Wingard

Help for the New Pastor: Practical Advice for Your First Year of Ministry I just finished this book by Charles Malcolm Wingard. It had some very good advice. Dr. Wingard has thirty some year of pastoral ministry experience in five churches. The book was comprehensive and directive.


  1. Understanding Your Call to Ministry
  2. Preparing for Pulpit Ministry
  3. Preparing and Delivering a Sermon 
  4. Practical Advice on Preaching 
  5. Leading Worship
  6. The Sacraments
  7. Church Administration 
  8. Growing through Conflict
  9. Home Visitation
  10. Practicing Hospitality
  11. Counseling 
  12. Weddings 
  13. Hospital and Hospice Care
  14. Funeral 
  15. Your Denominational Duties
  16. The Character and Habits of Effective Ministers
  17. Small Things That Yield Big Results
  18. A Long and Fruitful Ministry


"There is no escaping adversity. Unless you are firmly persuaded that God has summoned you to pastoral ministry, you will falter, grow weary, become discouraged, and fail." p. 3
"Eliminate distractions when you're studying, at home, and with the Lord." p. 17
"Your sermon is not for publication, but for proclamation." p. 31
"You are a preacher, not a performer." p. 36
"It is far more easy to furnish our library, than our understanding." p. 165
"Without secret prayer, there can be no real Christian ministry." p. 183