Review: Can I Know God's Will? by R.C. Sproul

Can I Know God's Will? by R.C. Sproul. This is a concise book, 100 pages, and 4 chapters long. It is part of a series on crucial questions. The cost is great, FREE, for at least the kindle version. If you want a paper copy, it is $2.50 right now. You can also get them for your logos program here. There are 50 questions he covers for free. R.C. is understandable and rooted in history. I would have liked to have read more of his perspective, but it is a fine book for what it covers.


  1. The Meaning of God's Will 
  2. The Meaning of Man's Will 
  3. God's Will and Your Job
  4. God's Will in Marriage


"If prostitution is the world's oldest profession, surely fortune-telling is the second oldest. 'Tell me of tomorrow' is the pleas of the stock market speculator, the competitive businessman, the sports forecaster, the young couple in love." p. 2
"Having been a Christian for some fifty years, with the study of theology my main vocational pursuit, I find the practical question of the will of God pressing on my mind quite frequently. I doubt a fortnight passes that I am not seriously engaged by the question of whether I am doing what God wants me to do at this point in my life. The question haunts and beckons all of us. it demands resolution and so we must ask ourselves. 'How do we know the will of God for our lives.'" p. 29
"The signing of a piece of paper is not a matter of affixing one's signature in ink to a meaningless document. The signing of a marriage certificate is an integral part of what the Bible calls a covenant. A covenant is made publically before witnesses and with formal legal commitments that are taken seriously by the community. The protection of both partners is at stake, there is legal recourse should one of the partners act in a way that is destructive to the other." p. 89

These are some of the titles from the series: 

  • What Is Baptism?
  • What Is Faith?
  • What Is Repentance?
  • What Is the Church?
  • What Is the Lord’s Supper?
  • What Is the Relationship between Church and State?
  • What Is the Trinity?
  • Who Is Jesus?
  • Who Is the Holy Spirit?
  • Back to TopAre These the Last Days?
  • Can I Be Sure I’m Saved?
  • Can I Have Joy in My Life?
  • Can I Know God’s Will?
  • Can I Trust the Bible?
  • Does God Control Everything?
  • Does Prayer Change Things?
  • How Can I Develop a Christian Conscience?
  • How Should I Live in This World?
  • What Can I Do with My Guilt?
  • What Does It Mean to Be Born Again?
For a list of 28 of these books with links to the iBook versions and some in Spanish click here

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