Review of Beyonders: A World Without Heroes

I just finished reading with one of my sons A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull. This New York Times bestseller was a fun read. Reading it allowed with my teenager brought us together. We could talk about honesty and sacrifice often because of the choices the main characters were making. Brandon Mull kept us guessing what would happen next.

The book was 454 pages long. The characters were fun and interesting. Brandon Mull includes exciting plot twists. There was no sex, only some slight attraction between the hero and heroine. There wasn't the language of name-calling like I found in the Harry Potter series. There seemed to be more respect for authority in this book than in the Harry Potter series.

The primary discussion opportunity was about honesty. Consistently the characters lie to one another.

The book does contain death and violence. It could be too much for some. I think it was about as graphic as the Lord of the Rings.

God is not mentioned in the book, but the main character prays, and they talk about providence. At one point they use the word sin. 

Overall, I think this is a fun book for 13 years old and up. We loved spending time together doing this. When we finished, my son asked to go to the library and get the next book.

For a book that has more of a Christian, thought-provoking perspective read this.