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Review of The Will of God as a Way of Life by Jerry Sittser

I just finished this book,
The Will of God as a Way of Life: How to Make Every Decision with Peace and Confidence by Jerry Sittser. Jerry has been a pastor, chaplain, and professor. This is a revised edition of his book. In it, he shares biblical truths about finding God's will. At the same time, he shares his life journey. Jerry is an adventurer, reader, teacher, widower, and father. He suffered much in 1991 when a drunk driver killed his mother, wife, and one of his kids in an accident. He knows grief. Moreover, through his sorrow and tribulation, God met him and helped shape this story. The will of God as a Way of Life was a delightful book to read.

I love how Jerry refers to so many other books. He reminds me of Gary Thomas or C.S. Lewis when you read them; you are reading their library. He quotes broadly.

Here are some quotes that were great quotes :
QUOTESO Lord our God, grant us grace to desire you with a whole heart, that so desiring you we may seek you and find you; and so…

Review of the Scarlet Pimpernel

The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy was a wonderful read. The book was written in 1905, and it was a proto James Bond (Ian Flemming) work. 

"The novel is set during the Reign of Terror following the start of the French Revolution. The title is the nom de guerre of its hero and protagonist, a chivalrous Englishman who rescues aristocrats before they are sent to the guillotine." (Wikipedia)

That being said, it was clean and suspenseful and thrilling. I was able to predict a couple of the plot twists, but it was fun none the less. This book is 266 pages long and fun to read. 

2019 Reading to Get You Thinking

In 2019 a few pastor friends of mine got together and we debated on six categories, potentially forty books, and picked seven to read and discuss in 2019 with some men in our church.

The categories we picked were Biography, Christian Living, Theology, History, Novels, and Books that Won an Award.

Our goals are fellowship, fun, inspiration, and growth.

Here is our list of books (not in order). Maybe you will enjoy reading them as well!

1. Spurgeon: A New Biography

2. A Long Obedience in the Same Direction
3.The Bondage of the Will
4.Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies
5.The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
6.Animal Farm
7.All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel

The Faith of a Leper by Rob Nash

The Faith of a Leper
Luke 17:11-19Welcome! I am pastor Rob, and it is great to have you join us in worship today. Maybe you are here because you are visiting family. Thanks for being here.

CHILDREN’S MESSAGETo start, could I have children nine years old and younger come up front for a short children’s message, please?
Hi, kids.

Who do you think about when we think of Thanksgiving? What about the Pilgrims? They were thankful people. Why do you think they were thankful? I am going to tell a story to the adults today about a person who was thankful.

A long time ago ten men came to Jesus and begged him to heal them. They had nasty owies on their skin. It was gross. I mean gross! Their family and friends avoided them. No one would touch them or be near them. People probably made fun of them. People probably were scared of them. They were sick, really sick. No one likes being sick.

One day these ten sick men, heard Jesus was around and went to him and pleaded for help. How do you think Jesus …