Reaching and Teaching: A Call to Great Commission Obedience

Reaching and Teaching: A Call to Great Commission Obedience by M. David Sills was an excellent book. It raised important issues for the church today. As money goes out for missions how do we steward it in a way that is effective? The focus tends to be now on the Unreached People Groups (UPG's). That is not bad. But in some cases that leaves countries and nations with a vacuum that is being exploited by cults and culture to attack the young mission efforts. Dr. Sills does a scholarly job but his work is not so esoteric that a layperson or pastor is stuck scratching his head. He does not offer easy answers but raises questions and points the reader back to the Bible for help. I highly recommend this book and would like to re-read the book in the future.

The book is 227 pages long and has 10 chapters. Each chapter has interesting quotes from professors, pastors, and missionaries and ends with suggested further reading.


  1. Teaching Them: The Great Omission of the Great Commission
  2. Missionaries Training Nationals: How Much Is Enough? 
  3. The Bare Minimum: What Must We Teach? 
  4. Missionaries and Nationals: Who Should Teach?
  5. Learning from Paul: Missiological Methods of the Apostle to the Gentiles
  6. Search Versus Harvest Theology: Reaching or Teaching? 
  7. Techniques and Tools: The Greater Good, CPM, and What Only God Can Do
  8. Equipping Disciples: Theological Education and the Missionary Task
  9. Primary Oral Learners: How Shall They Hear? 
  10. Critical Contextualization: The Balance Between Too Far and Not Far Enough 


  • When missionaries can do little more than share a tract, the new believers often blend the few things they learn about Christ into their traditional religions and worldview. p. 37
  • Let us then define an intercultural missionary in this way: one whom God has called and sent as an ambassador of Christ with the message of reconciliation to make disciples, baptize, and teach to obey all that He has commanded, and who intentionally crosses cultural boundaries to do so. p. 94