Gospel Eldership by Robert Thune (Review)

I just finished this book, Gospel Eldership: Equipping a New Generation of Servant Leaders by Robert Thune. He did a wonderful job working through ten chapters on eldership. This study on eldership would be great for prospective elders. It is well-grounded, offers a breadth of questions that are thought-provoking. Each chapter has questions to work through. The perspective is reformed and complementarian.

It would be well augmented by the reading of

The book is 130 pages long and published by New Growth Press.

Chapter Titles Include: 

  1. Servant Leadership (Exercise: "Know Thyself")
  2. A Biblical Approach to Church Leadership (Exercise: False Righteousness)
  3. The Primacy of Character (Exercise: Identifying Idols)
  4. The Leadership Triangle (Exercise: Leadership Triangle Self-Assessment)
  5. Elders Feed the Church (Exercise: The gospel and Spiritual Disciplines)
  6. Elders Lead the Church (Exercise: Examining Your Character)
  7. Elders Protect the Church (Exercise: The Gospel and Conflict Resolution)
  8. Elders Care for the Church (Exercise: Identifying Pride)
  9. Missional Eldership (Exercise: Mission and Your Heart)
  10. The Temptation of Leadership (Exercise: Identifying Your Temptations)