Fellowship with God

Fellowship with God by Martyn Lloyd-Jones was a pretty good read. This is the third book I have read of his. It consists of 13 short messages of his and 142 pages long. These all are sermons on 1 John. Mysticism was probably the most eye-opening chapter. He highlights the dangers of mysticism.


  1. The Christian and the World
  2. Full and Lasting Joy
  3. How to Know the Joy
  4. The Apostolic Declaration
  5. Christian Experience
  6. All Because of Christ
  7. Knowing God
  8. Mysticism
  9. The Holiness of God
  10. Sin
  11. Walking in the Light
  12. The Blood of Jesus Christ
  13. Jesus, His Son


  • You cannot make shortcuts in the christian life. p. 40
  • We can never be in communion with others until we are in true communion with God. p. 65
  • Every act of preaching is in a sense nothing but a reminder of Jesus Christ and what he came to do. p. 65