Age of Opportunity

Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens, Second Edition (Resources for Changing Lives)
I just finished this book. It was great. I love Paul David Tripp. The book is 296 pages long and deals with teens. It moves quickly as Paul illustrates with stories, personal and imagined, to help the reader grasp what he is getting at. He uses scripture well to point to the divine principles that guide his insight into parenting teens. What struck me most was the reminder to think intentionally about what I am doing to shape my children in the midst of disobedience. And not just shape them into whom I want them to be but help them see God in the middle of our problems.

Part One: Clearing the Debris
1. Age of Opportunity or Season for Survival?
2. Whose Idols Are in the Way?
3. What is a Family? A Definition
4. What is a Family? A Job Description
5. Parents, Meet your Teenager
Part Two: Setting Godly Goals
6. Goals, Glory, and Grace
7. There's a War Out There
8. Convictions and Wisdom
9. Life in the Real World
10. A Heart for God
11. Leaving Home

Part Three: Practical Strategies for Parenting Teens
12. Three Strategies for Parenting Teens
13. Small Steps to Big Change
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