9 Marks of a Healthy Church

Mark Dever's Book, Nine Marks of a Healthy Church is fantastic! I love reading Mark Dever's material. He grabs you with each chapter, makes relevant arguments, and pushes the church in directions that are critical for us all. I have read so many great books this year; this book is one of them. Every pastor should read it. I am so thankful for Mark Dever.

Below are the Nine Marks,
MARK ONE: Expositional Preaching MARK TWO: Biblical Theology MARK THREE: The Gospel MARK FOUR: A Biblical Understanding of Conversion MARK FIVE: A Biblical Understanding of Evangelism MARK SIX: A Biblical Understanding of Church Membership MARK SEVEN: Biblical Church Discipline MARK EIGHT: A Concern for Discipleship and Growth MARK NINE: Biblical Church Leadership

He argues that there are other Marks and these are not the necessarily most important Marks. They happen to be the most essential ones for the church at this time in history from his perspective.